The first Christian writing in Latin of which we have any knowledge is the Latin version of the Bible commonly known as Vetus Latina., and sometimes called the Itala.

 Vulgate.Net is dedicated to the study of the Holy Bible in Latin language. Vulgate.Net seeks to produce an online critical edition of the Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome and Vetus Latina with a new English translation.

Seven Goals of Vulgate.Net

  1. A new critical text of the Vulgate that is as close as possible to the original text.
  2. Collate Vulgate manuscripts to build a comprehensive critical apparatus.
  3. Transcribe all extant manuscripts of the Old Latin Bible.
  4. A new English translation for the Vulgate and Vetus Latina.
  5. Collate Biblical citations made by Latin Church Fathers.
  6. A PDF version of the Vulgate and Vetus Latina that will be made available for download.
  7. Promote the study of Latin language.


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