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The Letter of St. Jerome To Theodosius & The Rest of The Anchorites

Written from Antioch, 374 A.D., while Jerome was still in doubt as to his future course. Theodosius appears to have been the head of the solitaries in the Syrian Desert. Letter II. To Theodosius and the Rest of the Anchorites. … Continue reading

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The Letter Of St. Jerome To Innocent

Not only the first of the letters but probably the earliest extant composition of Jerome (c. 370 A.D.). Innocent, to whom it is addressed, was one of the little band of enthusiasts whom Jerome gathered round him in Aquileia. He … Continue reading

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How Did the Latin Vulgate Bible Become the Authorized Version of the Catholic Church

The Vulgate is regarded by the Catholics and Protestants in very differrent point of views; by the former it has been extolled beyond measure, while by most of the latter it has been depreciated as much as below its intrinsic merit.  The … Continue reading

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