Privacy Policy

From time to time, Vulgate.Net may collect four types of information about you.

First, we use a feature of your browser called a cookie to assign identification to your computer. The unique user ID contained within your cookie automatically identifies your computer – but not you – to our servers every time you visit our site. You need not to worry as cookies by themselves cannot be used to find out the identity of any user but may be correlated with identity information in our tracker log files. You can disable the cookies feature by using your browser’s preference options, but you may not be able to utilize some services properly as the majority of the web sites require visitors to enable their cookies.

Second, we log access times, browser types and URLs from which visitors came to our site. Except as otherwise stated in this privacy policy, we do not provide this information to third parties and should not be held responsible if the site tracker service used by us give the information to third parties.

Third, we keep track of your IP address to help us gather broad demographic information about you, such as your location and your Internet service provider so that we can add more features that might interest you.

Fourth, at all times we will not ask you to provide us with personal information in order for you to register for our free service. However, you may always choose to provide us with this information; this may limit to our ability to provide you with a specific service or offer you personalized content.

Whenever Vulgate.Net collects data, the data is intended to tailor or improve the experience of visitors to our site. From the data collected we can customize content based on the visitors’ preferences. We analyze what our visitors prefer in order to improve Vulgate.Net. For example, by knowing the type of browsers used by the visitors to our site, we will we able to personalize the site for each unique visitor.

Vulgate.Net contains links to other sites not related to Vulgate.Net. These sites have their own policies and practices with respect to online privacy, and Vulgate.Net cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these Web sites. In addition, in certain instances the advertiser on our site may ask you for personal information. Vulgate.Net is not responsible for the privacy practices of its advertisers. Vulgate.Net is not liable for any misuse of data collected from its site.

Vulgate.Net  respects your privacy.

Therefore, Vulgate.Net does not monitor your surfing habit.  However, Vulgate.Net should not be held responsible for the third party that serves ads to and collects anonymous traffic data at this site.

This policy may be revised over time as new features are added to Vulgate.Net. We will post those changes so that you will know what information we gather and how we might use that information. Please check this site for information about revisions to our privacy policy.

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